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5 Reason to Buy Lenovo P70 Smartphone

Lenovo is endeavoring to make a strong presence in the market, and for that, they always include new smartphones in their portfolio. While there are a considerable measure of solid players in the spending portion, Lenovo is ensuring they don't go unnoticed.

For this they as of late propelled the great Lenovo A6000 to conflict with the smartphones like Micromax Yu Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Presently they have thought of another device that has been powered in China as of late. This new smartphone by lenovo is called Lenovo P70.

While offering a sensibly efficient equipment and support for 4G network, this device accompanies a huge battery, so you don't need to reconsider before playing a diversion on your telephone while voyaging. While there is no declaration yet, the smartphone has been rumored on the Lenovo site of a couple of different countries too. We will take a closer look on this device’s specification and make sense of why it could be a decent purchase for someone. Here are the main five reasons to buy Lenovo P70 phone.

Huge battery

While we more often than not don't begin with the battery when discussing a telephone, we will make an exception this time. The reason is that it has a 4000 mAh battery. The majority of the smartphones running comparable equipment would come with batteries having the limit in the scope of 2000 to 2600 mAh, and they offer entirely great battery life. Envision what this smartphone could do with its 4000 mAh battery.

If you require numbers to trust the story, the standby existence of this device is asserted to be north of a month, and it drops just a bit on 3G and 4G network. The talk time is great too. The battery is pressed inside the smartphone and can't be evacuated by the client. Indeed, even with such a primary battery, the smartphone isn't extremely cumbersome not at all like other huge battery devices previously. This conveys us to another reason you ought to consider purchasing this smartphone.

Impressive design

The reason we were discussing is this. With a 4000 mAh battery, you should expect a surprisingly fat smartphone with weight same as a block. We envisioned something comparable. At that point, the photographs of the device weren't precisely what we anticipated. They exhibited a shrewd-looking smartphone with sharp styling. It is 142 mm tall, 72 mm wide and only 8.9 mm thick.

We realize that 8.9 mm is not "simply" but rather recollect that it packs in a 4000 mAh battery inside regardless it is entirely amazing. Furthermore, just on the off chance that you believe that they have dealt with the size just, you are incorrect once more. The smartphone doesn't weight a great deal either. It tips the scale at 149 Gms which is very amazing. This is some place around the Asus Zenfone 5 or Moto G. Both the smartphone accompany a large portion of the battery limit. The weight is disseminated well in the smartphone, so you don't really feel the weight.

Octa core processor

The smartphone is not just about the capable battery. It has an intense octa center chipset also. It runs a MediaTek chipset with the eight centers running at the greatest clock speed of 1.7 GHz. There are numerous new spending smartphone running octa center processors now, so it doesn't precisely offer something new here yet that doesn't mean it isn't great.

The processor can make a decent showing with regards to of taking care of asset hungry applications and diversions. To deal with the representation, it has a Mali GPU which can keep running up to a most extreme clock speed of 700 MHz. An effective equipment implies that it won't bring about a run of the mill spending smartphone issues and would offer easy utilization for a most piece of your use.

Alongside this the smartphone offers a noteworthy measure of memory. Both RAM and inner stockpiling. It has got 2 GB of RAM which is sufficient to supplement rest of the equipment. Many spending smartphones cut on the measure of RAM they accompany.

 This makes the devices truly irritating to utilize in light of the fact that the processor and GPU are injured by the absence of enough free stockpiling. Here anyway you will have a lot of free memory at all circumstances ensuring that you have a slack free ordeal. This would likewise consider better multitasking capacities.

Aside from the RAM, this smartphone accompanies 16 GB of interior stockpiling. That is all that anyone could need memory for a normal client, and you won't not have to connect to a small scale SD card opening. Along these lines the greater part of your substance is in one place just and makes it less demanding to keep the smartphone sorted out. With 4 or 8 GB of interior stockpiling, even the essential clients should utilize a memory card.

Lollipop update

The smartphone runs Android 4.4 KitKat right now however elsewhere in the world it was being said that it will be redesigned to Lollipop soon. So this is uplifting news for individuals who are distrustful about being stuck on a more established form of Android working framework. Candy offers a vastly improved interface and numerous more elements when contrasted with KitKat.

An overhaul would likewise ensure that you don't get exhausted of your smartphone at any point in the near future and have part more to investigate after you get the Android Lollipop. It likewise handles the applications contrastingly which permits the applications to be propelled much quicker.

4G support

As of late, we have seen numerous new smartphones accompany 4G support and a significant number of these have been spending smartphones. Xiaomi concocted the Redmi Note 4G, Micromax with the Yu Yureka and there are more arranged for what's to come. The Lenovo P70 is likewise a 4G smartphone.

While there are relatively few areas where you have admittance to 4G network, administrators are chipping away at it. A few administrators are as of now offering 4G benefits in some metro urban communities and will extend their topographical nearness soon. This implies when 4G administrations land in your reason, you will be prepared with a smartphone that can give you a chance to make utilization of the speed.

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